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Vitamin K is a group of structurally similar, fat-soluble vitamins that the human body requires for complete synthesis of certain proteins that are prerequisites for blood coagulation K from KoagulationDanish for "coagulation" and which the body also needs for controlling binding of calcium in bones and other tissues.

Without vitamin K, blood coagulation is seriously impaired, and uncontrolled bleeding occurs. Preliminary clinical research indicates that deficiency of vitamin K may weaken bones, potentially leading to osteoporosisand may promote calcification of arteries and other soft tissues.

Chemically, the vitamin K family comprises 2- Vitamin A von Krampfadern - 1,4-naphthoquinone 3- derivatives. Vitamin K includes two natural vitamers: Vitamin K 1also known as phylloquinone, is made by plants, and is found in highest amounts in green leafy vegetables because it is directly involved in photosynthesis.

It may be thought of as the plant form of vitamin K. It is active click a vitamin in animals and performs the classic functions of vitamin K, including its activity in the production of blood-clotting proteins. Animals may also convert it to vitamin K 2. Bacteria in the gut flora can also convert K 1 into Vitamin A von Krampfadern K 2 menaquinone. In addition, Vitamin A von Krampfadern typically lengthen the isoprenoid side chain of vitamin K 2 to produce a range of vitamin K 2 forms, most notably the MK-7 to MK homologues of vitamin K 2.

All forms of K 2 other than MK-4 can only be produced by bacteria, which use these forms in anaerobic respiration. The MK-7 and other bacterially derived forms of vitamin K 2 exhibit vitamin K activity in animals, but MK-7's extra utility over Vitamin A von Krampfadern, if any, is unclear and is a matter of investigation. Because a synthetic form of vitamin K, vitamin K 3 menadionemay be toxic by interfering with the function of glutathioneit is no longer used to treat vitamin K deficiency.

A review of concluded that there is positive evidence that monotherapy using MK-4, one Vitamin A von Krampfadern the forms of Vitamin K 2reduces fracture incidence in post- menopausal women with osteoporosisand suggested further research on the combined use of MK-4 with bisphosphonates. In contrast, an earlier review article of concluded that there is no good evidence that vitamin K supplementation helps prevent osteoporosis or fractures in postmenopausal women. A Cochrane systematic review of suggested that supplementation with Vitamin K 1 and with MK4 reduces bone loss; in particular, a strong effect of MK-4 on incident fractures among Japanese patients was emphasized.

A review article of suggested to Vitamin A von Krampfadern, as one of several measures for bone health, increasing the intake of foods Vitamin A von Krampfadern in vitamins K 1 and K 2. Adequate intake of vitamin K is associated with the inhibition of arterial calcification and stiffening, [6] but there have Vitamin A von Krampfadern few interventional studies and Vitamin A von Krampfadern good evidence that vitamin K supplementation is of any benefit in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease.

One year population study, the Rotterdam Study, did show a clear and Vitamin A von Krampfadern inverse relationship between the highest intake levels of menaquinone mainly MK-4 from eggs and meat, and MK-8 and MK-9 from cheese and cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality in older men and women. Vitamin K has been Vitamin A von Krampfadern in supplement form with claims it can slow tumor growth; there is however no good medical evidence that supports such claims.

Although allergic reaction from supplementation is possible, no known toxicity is associated with high doses of the phylloquinone vitamin K 1 or menaquinone vitamin K 2 forms of vitamin K, so no tolerable upper intake level UL has been set.

Unlike the safe Vitamin A von Krampfadern forms of vitamin K 1 and vitamin K 2 and their various isomersa synthetic form of vitamin K, vitamin K 3 menadionethis web page demonstrably toxic at high levels.

FDA has banned this form from over-the-counter sale in the United States because large doses have been shown to cause allergic reactionshemolytic anemia Vitamin A von Krampfadern, and cytotoxicity in liver cells.

Click the following article K 1 [16] [17] or menaquinone K 2 are capable of reversing the Vitamin A von Krampfadern activity of the anticoagulant warfarin tradename Coumadin.

Warfarin works by blocking recycling of vitamin K, so that the body and tissues have lower levels of active vitamin K, and thus a deficiency of vitamin K. Vitamin A von Krampfadern vitamin K for which oral dosing is often more active than injectable dosing in human adults click at this page the vitamin K deficiency caused by warfarin, and therefore reduces the intended anticoagulant action of warfarin and related drugs.

The newer anticoagulants dabigatran and rivaroxaban have different mechanisms of action that do not interact with vitamin K, and may be taken with supplemental vitamin K.

The three synthetic forms of vitamin K are vitamins K 3 menadioneK 4and K 5which are Vitamin A von Krampfadern in many areas, including the pet food industry vitamin K 3 and to inhibit fungal growth vitamin K 5. The MK-4 form of vitamin K 2 is produced by conversion of vitamin K 1 in the testespancreasVitamin A von Krampfadern arterial walls. Vitamin K article source menaquinone includes several subtypes.

The two subtypes most studied are menaquinone-4 menatetrenoneMK-4 and menaquinone-7 MK Vitamin K 1the precursor of most vitamin K in nature, is a stereoisomer of phylloquinonean important chemical in green plants, where it functions as an electron acceptor in photosystem I during photosynthesis. For this reason, vitamin K 1 is found in large quantities in the photosynthetic tissues of plants green leavesVitamin A von Krampfadern dark green leafy vegetables such as romaine lettucekale and spinachbut it occurs in far smaller quantities in other plant tissues rootsfruitsetc.

Iceberg lettuce contains relatively little. The function of phylloquinone in Vitamin A von Krampfadern appears to have no resemblance to its later metabolic and biochemical visit web page as "vitamin K" in animals, where it performs a completely different biochemical reaction. Umfrage thrombophlebitis Plan K in animals is involved in the carboxylation Vitamin A von Krampfadern certain glutamate residues in proteins to form gamma-carboxyglutamate Gla residues.

The modified residues are often but not always situated within specific protein domains called Gla domains. Gla residues are usually involved in binding calciumand are essential for the biological activity of all known Gla proteins. At this time [update]17 human proteins with Gla domains have been discovered, and they play key roles in the Vitamin A von Krampfadern of three physiological processes:. Like other lipid-soluble vitamins AD and Evitamin K is stored in the Vitamin A von Krampfadern tissue of the human body.

Previous theory held that dietary deficiency is extremely rare unless the small intestine was heavily damaged, resulting Vitamin A von Krampfadern malabsorption of the molecule. Another at-risk group for deficiency were those subject to decreased production Vitamin A von Krampfadern K 2 by normal intestinal microbiota, as seen in broad spectrum antibiotic use.

In instances such as this, the Board sets Adequate Intakes AIswith the understanding that at some later date, AIs will be replaced by more exact information. For infants up to 12 months the AI is As for safety, the IOM sets Tolerable upper intake levels known as ULs for vitamins and minerals when evidence is sufficient.

In the case of vitamin K there is no UL, as there is not sufficient human data for adverse effects from high doses. These See more are lower than the U. The original deadline to be in compliance was July 28,but on Vitamin A von Krampfadern 29, the FDA released a Vitamin A von Krampfadern rule that extended the deadline to January 1, for large companies and January 1, for small companies.

Vitamin K 1 is found chiefly in leafy green vegetables such as spinachswiss chardlettuce and Brassica vegetables such as cabbagekalecauliflowerbroccoliand brussels sprouts and often the absorption is greater when accompanied by fats such as butter or oils. Varizen und Eis fruitssuch as avocadoskiwifruit and grapesalso contain vitamin K. Some vegetable oils, notably soybean oilcontain vitamin K, but at levels that would require relatively large calorie consumption to meet the recommended amounts.

The tight binding of vitamin K 1 Vitamin A von Krampfadern thylakoid membranes in chloroplasts makes it less bioavailable. Average diets are usually not lacking in vitamin K, and Vitamin A von Krampfadern deficiency is rare in healthy adults.

Newborn infants are at an increased risk of deficiency. Other populations with an increased prevalence of vitamin K deficiency include Vitamin A von Krampfadern who suffer from Vitamin A von Krampfadern damage or disease e. Secondary vitamin K deficiency can occur in people with bulimiathose on Vitamin A von Krampfadern diets, and those taking anticoagulants.

Other drugs associated with vitamin K deficiency include salicylatesbarbituratesand cefamandolealthough Vitamin A von Krampfadern mechanisms are still unknown. Vitamin K 1 deficiency can result in coagulopathya bleeding disorder.

Osteoporosis [53] [54] and coronary heart disease [55] [56] are strongly associated with lower levels of K 2 menaquinone. Vitamin K Vitamin A von Krampfadern as menaquinones MK-4 through MK intake level is inversely related to severe aortic calcification and all-cause mortality.

The function of vitamin K 2 in the animal cell is to add a carboxylic acid functional group to a glutamate Glu amino acid residue in a proteinto form a gamma-carboxyglutamate Gla residue. This is a somewhat uncommon posttranslational modification of the protein, which is then known as a "Gla protein". The binding of calcium ions in this way very often triggers the function or binding of Gla-protein enzymes, such as the so-called vitamin K-dependent clotting factors discussed below.

Within the cell, vitamin K undergoes electron reduction to a reduced form called vitamin K hydroquinone, catalyzed by the enzyme vitamin K epoxide reductase VKOR. The carboxylation reaction only proceeds if the carboxylase enzyme is able to oxidize vitamin K hydroquinone Alkohol nach der Operation von Krampfadern vitamin K epoxide at the same time.

The carboxylation and epoxidation reactions are said to be coupled. The reduction and subsequent reoxidation of vitamin K coupled with carboxylation of Glu is called the vitamin K cycle. Warfarin and other 4-hydroxycoumarins block the action of Vitamin A von Krampfadern. This results in the production of clotting factors with inadequate Gla. Without Gla on the amino termini of these factors, they Vitamin A von Krampfadern longer bind stably to the blood vessel endothelium and cannot activate clotting to allow formation of a clot during tissue injury.

As it is impossible to predict what dose of warfarin will give the desired degree of clotting suppression, warfarin treatment must be carefully monitored to avoid overdose. The following human Gla-containing proteins "Gla proteins" have been characterized to the level of primary structure: The bone Gla protein osteocalcinthe calcification-inhibiting matrix Gla protein MGPthe cell growth regulating growth arrest specific gene 6 protein Gas6and the four transmembrane Gla proteins TMGPsthe function Vitamin A von Krampfadern which is at present unknown.

Gas6 can function as a growth factor to activate the Axl receptor tyrosine kinase and stimulate cell proliferation or prevent apoptosis in click cells.

In all cases in which their function was known, the presence of the Gla residues in these proteins turned Vitamin A von Krampfadern to be essential for functional activity.

Gla proteins are known to occur in a wide variety of vertebrates: The venom of a number of Australian snakes acts by activating the human blood-clotting system.

In some cases, activation is accomplished by snake Gla-containing enzymes that bind to the endothelium of human blood vessels and catalyze the conversion of procoagulant clotting factors into activated ones, leading to unwanted and potentially deadly clotting. Another interesting class of invertebrate Gla-containing proteins is synthesized by the fish-hunting snail Conus geographus.

Several of the conotoxins contain two to five Gla residues. Many bacteria, such as Escherichia coli found in the large intestinecan synthesize vitamin K 2 menaquinone-7 or MK-7, up to MK[72] but not vitamin K 1 phylloquinone.

In these bacteria, menaquinone transfers two electrons between two different small molecules, during oxygen-independent metabolic energy production processes anaerobic respiration.

The menaquinone, with the help of another enzyme, then transfers these two electrons to a suitable oxidant, such fumarate or nitrate also called an electron acceptor. Adding two electrons to fumarate or nitrate converts the molecule to succinate or nitrite plus waterrespectively.

Some of these reactions generate a cellular here source, ATPin a manner similar to eukaryotic cell aerobic Vitamin A von Krampfadern article source, except the final electron acceptor is not molecular oxygenbut fumarate or nitrate.

In aerobic respirationthe final oxidant is molecular oxygen O 2which accepts four electrons from an electron donor such as NADH to be converted to water. Vitamin K 2 concentrations in human milk appear to be much lower than those of Varizen Symptome zuerst K 1. Occurrence of vitamin K deficiency bleeding in the first week Vitamin A von Krampfadern the infant's life Vitamin A von Krampfadern estimated at 0.

Bleeding in infants due to vitamin K deficiency can be severe, leading to hospitalization, blood transfusionsbrain damageand death. Supplementation can prevent most cases of vitamin K deficiency bleeding in the newborn. Intramuscular administration is more effective in preventing late vitamin K deficiency bleeding than oral administration.

As a result of the occurrences of vitamin K Vitamin A von Krampfadern bleeding, the Committee on Nutrition of the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended 0. In the Was bedeutet, Hilfe von Krampfadern, vitamin K supplementation is recommended for all newborns within the first 24 hours.

Controversy arose in the early s regarding this practice, when two studies suggested a relationship between parenteral administration of vitamin K and childhood cancer.

They cited lack of newborn vitamin K administration as the reason that the problems occurred, and recommended that breastfed babies could have an increased risk unless they receive a preventative dose. InDanish scientist Henrik Dam investigated the role of cholesterol by feeding chickens a cholesterol-depleted diet. They noticed that chicks fed only fat-depleted chow developed hemorrhages and started bleeding from tag sites.

It appeared that — together with the Vitamin A von Krampfadern — a second compound had been extracted from the food, and this Vitamin A von Krampfadern was called the coagulation vitamin.

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